More than 40 schools in Colorado closed due to multiple vomiting incidents

The Mesa County Valley School District’s 51st District recently made a difficult decision to suspend more than 40 schools in the area because of multiple vomiting incidents,media BGR reported. It has not yet been discovered what the disease is that has engulfed the entire student body. At present, the local health department asked more than 22,000 students to stay at home.

The Mesa County Department of Public Health issued a statement explaining the strike and informing parents that children would be allowed to return to their schools after the Thanksgiving holiday. The notice explained that “there have been multiple vomiting incidents in public places in schools” and that the school district hopes to stop the spread of the disease before it spreads further.

More than 40 schools in Colorado closed due to multiple vomiting incidents

“As students have now left the classroom, we ask people to take additional precautions,” the statement read. Although undetected, the disease lasts 12-24 hours and behaves much like norovirus. To determine the exact diagnosis of these types of diseases, laboratory tests are required. MCPH is actively looking for samples that can provide accurate diagnosis and requires community health care providers to collect stool samples from patients. “

Norovirus is a virus that causes acute gastroenteritis and causes symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain. Since many children take time off because of illness, the school would rather give everyone a week or so off and then go to class after the upcoming holiday.

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