Intel Xe Graphics Test: 14nm Process comparable with GTX 1050

At Friday’s earnings meeting, Intel revealed for the first time the progress of its high-performance Xe, and CEO Steve Spicer announced that the DG1 GPU had reached an important milestone. Meanwhile, Chris Hook, marketing director for graphics and vision technology at Intel, from AMD to Intel, also sent a tweet – It’s alive, which translates as “it’s alive” – but the tweet should actually suggest that Intel’s Xe GPU has been lit up.

Earlier, Intel senior vice president Raja Koduri hinted that next June’s Taipei computer show will release Xe GPU, but then there is news that it is still released in the second half of 2020, but when next year, this point in time should be the streaming piece verification, Because large chip streams typically take about a year to verify to release, Chris Hookalive’s hint that DG1 is already in beta.

According to previous reports, Intel’s DG1 graphics display will be based on the Xe architecture, but this is an LP low-power direction of the graphics card, with GDDR6 memory, positioned at the GTX 1050 level, the latter is the NVILOPPA Pascal architecture of the mid-to-low-end graphics card, floating-point performance of about 1.9TFS.

Considering that Intel’s current Gen11 core display floating-point performance has reached more than 1TFLOPS, the Xe architecture will be more advanced generation, previously said to be nuclear-grade Gen12 (also Xe architecture) performance doubled again, so the DG1 to reach the 2TFSLOP level performance should be no pressure.

传Intel Xe独显已良机测试:14nm工艺 可战GTX 1050

However, the DG1 unique process may be a bit special, the explosion shows that it is 14nm process, and Intel’s previous suggestion is that Xe cpu use of the 10nm process.

That said, if the DG1 is positioned in the entry-level GPU market, then the use of a mature, low-cost and high-performance 14nm process is actually more appropriate, so do not rule out Intel’s use of the 14nm process on Xe as a low-end GPU production process.

Of course, intel will produce Xe graphics for the 7nm process in 2021, but this is a high-performance GPU for the data center, so Intel’s Xe graphics card will be combined with 14mm, 10nm, 7nm.

传Intel Xe独显已良机测试:14nm工艺 可战GTX 1050

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