china-made Tesla price : compared to the imported only 8100 yuan cheaper, but the battery is reduced by 20km

On October 27th, the day before, Tesla officially announced that the model 3 was officially booked. The model accepted for booking is the Model 3 standard battery extension (Made in China) model, and the price was adjusted to 355.8 thousand yuan, an increase of 278,00 yuan from the previously announced price, the price increase is due to the new car forced to assemble the basic version of the assisted driving function, which was previously optional.

国产特斯拉涨价:相比进口车仅差8100元 续航却减少了20km

According to the official pre-sale images, the domestic version of the Tesla Model 3 will add three Chinese characters to the tail. This kind of design, attracted a lot of netizens slot, many car owners said: buy a car, first of all will get off these chinese characters.

国产特斯拉涨价:相比进口车仅差8100元 续航却减少了20km

In addition, the domestic version of the Model 3 standard battery upgrade, compared to the price of 363.9 thousand  yuan of the same imported model, the price difference of only 8100 yuan. That is to say, as a domestic model, there is no price advantage.

It is worth noting that the domestic version of the Model 3 standard battery life upgrade version of the NEDC estimated range of 460km, 20km less than the imported version of the model.

Domestic factory, full-body after the domestic Tesla, not only the price of products did not come up with more advantages, but also  the range has also shrunk, such a domestic Tesla, you will also consider buying?

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