From a scientific point of view: why do dogs like to eat faeces?

Dogs occasionally eat their own feces or other animal feces due to a variety of nutritional, instinctive, behavioral and environmental factors, known as feces. It is undeniable that the owner loves his pet dog, whose antics, loyalty and infinite love make the owner feel endless happiness, but some of the behavior of the dog as a man’s best friend is very worrying to the owners, especially when your favorite dog eats a pile of faeces. Dogs are very interested in goose droppings on the side of the road, and sometimes dogs get into the habit of eating their own fresh feces from an early age, which makes the owner of a dog who often kisses it feel very sick.

From a scientific point of view: why do dogs like to eat faeces?

1. The explanation for animal feces is complex, more than 25% of dogs have different forms of feces, when dogs eat their own or other animal feces, they do not tell people what to think, researchers have now determined the behavior of dogs eating feces behavior and medical reasons.

Humans are inherently averse to the act of eating faeces, but it doesn’t seem to affect dogs or other animals, and in fact, some dogs seem to want to eat these disgusting “food” to the frustration of their owners.

If your dog is interested in faeces, do they have health problems? Is food and dung dangerous? Perhaps most importantly, is there any way to stop this behavior?

Why do dogs eat faeces?

This is not a simple question, because the interpretation of animal feces is complex, more than 25 percent of dogs have different forms of fecal disease, when dogs eat their own or other animal feces, they do not tell people what to think, researchers have now determined the way dogs eat feces behavior and medical reasons.

In the case of puppies, eating their own faeces is common and is thought to mimic their own mothers, and when a mother dog has just given birth to a puppy, the mother dog will do its best to keep the predator from approaching and keep the puppy safe.

The mother dog eats its own feces and puppy’s feces, thereby eliminating the smell of the kennel and preventing any parasitic eggs from hatching and infecting the puppy, during which time the puppy, like a human baby, observes and imitates the mother’s behavior, so their early habit of eating their own feces may stem from the mother’s behavior. Or a survival instinct that is deeply imprinted on the evolution of canine organisms.

From a scientific point of view: why do dogs like to eat faeces?

2. Take the dog as an example, eating their own feces is very common, and is considered to imitate their own mother, when the mother wolf has just given birth to a nest of puppies, the mother dog will do its best to prevent predators from approaching, to protect the safety of the puppy.

Although the habit of eating dung is common in puppies, once a puppy leaves a kennel, defecation elsewhere will gradually change the habit, and if the pet dung habit continues into adolescence and adulthood, there may be other factors at play.

From a medical point of view, if a dog does not get enough nutrients from food, its digestive system does not work properly, its feces still have a lot of nutrients, in the case of food shortages, they will choose to eat their own feces.

If a dog has diabetes, thyroid disease, parasites in the intestines, worms, or a lack of digestive enzymes, it will not be able to digest food or absorb nutrients, causing them to look for other sources of nutrients – their faeces and other animal faeces.

But there is no intrinsic link between dog eating and poor health, as many of the pups that are fed and cared for show stomach-churning behavior, and sometimes dogs are bored and stressed, which can lead them to eat their own faeces, and they look for different ways to eat to distract themselves.

Dogs are sensitive to their owners’ reactions, and if eating faeces can get their owner’s attention (even a nasty reaction), they may repeat the behavior of eating faeces.

Dogs from an early age have the habit of cleaning and hygiene, they in order to clean their kennel health, they will eat their own feces, the same, home-bred dogs through training can not at home, if they will be punished, so the dog will swallow their own pull home feces, thus concealing the fact of mistakes.

In addition, some dogs are trained to near feeding, which can lead to mismixing feces with food, and in the end we must not forget the dog’s natural curiosity, which is always eager to smell, play, taste whatever they find, including, of course, their own faeces.

Is it dangerous to eat faeces?

When owners see their pet dog eating a pile of feces, the first reaction may be to worry about the health and safety of the dog, but usually, the dog eats feces is not dangerous, if the feces is fresh (1-2 days), any potential intestinal parasite eggs are still complete. There is no direct harm to dogs, but for dogs living with their owners, they often go out to eat the faeces of other animals, even if fresh feces does not cause intestinal disease, but can make the owner feel sick.

Sometimes dogs actively look for feces that swallow other animals, such as cats, rabbits, horses, or geese, which may have different nutrients, and the behavior may reveal the underlying causes of the dog’s feces, which can complicate matters even though it is safe for dogs to eat the faeces of other animals.

The feces of other animals may contain viruses, toxins, or certain parasites, after all, they are not the same as the dog’s digestive system, in which case it poses a direct threat to the dog’s health, and usually the owner trains the dog to avoid the condition. Although both wolves and dogs are rotting animals (which have a history of eating rot for tens of thousands of years), dogs have a weak immune system and it is best not to allow them to swallow the faeces of other animals and catch dangerous diseases.

Although does not pose a great risk to itself, it is an unhygienic habit, and owners often have close contact with dogs such as kissing, and they all want their dogs to change their habit of eating faeces as soon as possible.

How can i help dogs not eat faeces?

Most puppies gradually reduce the number of feces eaten nine months after birth, but the habit is difficult to get rid of and owners can try some ways to reduce the occurrence of this condition.

First, owners should help dogs to eliminate boredom, loneliness and stress, accompany them more to keep them active, take them out for walks, so that the dog feels caring; Try not to let them find faeces.

Focus training for dogs, especially taking them for walks, to perform “special tasks” to make them aware of a bad behavior when eating faeces, however, be careful when doing this training to avoid linking punishment to defecation behavior, as this can actually increase unnecessary behavior. In the case of severe fecal problems, you may need to consult a professional coach.

In order to avoid drug-induced feces, ensure that dogs regularly eat high-quality dog food, and ensure that there is no lack of nutrition, regular veterinary check-ups will verify whether the behavior of eating feces is the result of indigestion or eating habits, both of which may be easy to remedy and treat.

Keeping a close eye on your pet dog’s eating habits, if you notice hunger levels, feces quality, and color, may indicate that a problem is driving them to look for other foods or nutrients in their faeces, in which case they can be inhibited by supplementing with vitamins, digestive enzymes, or taste aversions.

It’s unpleasant to see your dog gnawing at the faeces of other dogs, but it’s usually a safe and natural behavior and can actually mean your dog needs medical help or dietary adjustments. Dogs eating faeces may also be more important to their owners, living space, daily training or emotional care.

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