The cost of the image redesign for the movie “The Hedgehog Sonic” may be lower than expected

According tomedia CNET, Paramount Pictures’ “Sonic The Hedgehog” film tells the story of the popular Sega video game character Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz) and new human friend Tom Wachowski (James Wozkey). Marsden plays the story of living together on Earth.

Sonic and Tom join forces to try to stop the evil Dr. Egghead (Kim Carey), who tries to catch Sonic and tries to use the power of the hedgehog to rule the world.

A new trailer released by Paramount Pictures on November 12th revealed the redesigned Sonic image, still causing outrage among fans. Butmedia reported that the cost of the redesign could be much cheaper than the rumoured $35 million. Sources estimate that Paramount’s cost of redesigning the role is estimated to be less than $5 million, IndieWire reported on November 18.

Paramount Pictures did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Artist Tyson Hesse helped with the redesign, and he also co-produced the 2D animated short film Sonic Adventures in the Hedgehog Series. Hesse tweeted: “It is an honor to be invited to lead the design of the new film Sonic The Hedgehog. I’ll never forget working with Jeff and modelers, assemblers, texture/fur artists and animators in Los Angeles, London and Vancouver. “

Earlier this year, the first trailer for “Sonic The Hedgehog” was criticised after it was released, with the film’s release from November 8th to February 14th next year.

So far, this is what we know about the film.

Behind the scenes, make the bottom of the class

The upcoming film is directed by Jeff Fowler. Fowler won an Oscar in 2005 for his animated short film “The Hungry Groundhog.” “Dead Pool” director Tim Miller and others are producers of “Sonic The Hedgehog.”

Paramount Pictures is releasing a film.


When Sonic overtook lawyer Vazowski at 760 mph, the hedgehog eventually generated an energy surge that would destroy power in the Pacific Northwest. This prompted lifeless government officials to call Dr. Egghead.

Dr. Egghead follows Sonic and tries to use his rapid power to rule the world. Kim Kardashian plays the villain edgy Inthe Forthe In the upcoming film “Sonic The Hedgehog.”

Fans react to the original CGI design

When Paramount Pictures unveiled action posters for the new film in December 2018, fans were dismayed that the classic Sega video game character, Hedgehog Sonic, looked a far cry from the original.

Miller explained that the changes were made to help the character feel like he was a real-life scene. “He doesn’t feel like a Pixar character because I don’t think it’s the right aesthetic to make us feel like part of our world,” Miller said in December 2018. ”

When the first trailer for the film hit the market on May 1, fans were shocked by Sonic’s realistic features, including human teeth.

Even Kim Kardashian commented on the CGI controversy. “I don’t know what the audience thinks of its creation,” Kim Kardashian said in a speech at the Television Critics Association on August 2. “Collective consciousness determines what people want, but when it’s really realized, people say, ‘I want it, but I don’t care about it, I just go with it.’ “

Fowler responded to fans’ outrage over the new design in a tweet on May 2, 2019. “Thank you for your support. It also criticizes. The message is loud and clear. Change. This is going to happen. Everyone at Paramount and Sega is dedicated to the best of this role. “

On May 30, fan and animator Artur Baranov released its own trailer, using other versions of Sonic.

When’s it on?

Fowler announced on May 24 that the release date of the “Sonic The Hedgehog” film would be postponed from November to February 14, 2020, to give filmmakers more time to re-engineer Sonic.

Actor’s Table

Ben Schwartz will voice Sonic’s character.

Elfina Luk to play Secretary of Homeland Security

Frank C. Turner as Crazy Carl

James Marsden as Tom Wachowski.

Kim Kardashian as Dr. Egghead.

Lee Majdoub as Stone Stone

Melody Niemann as Jo Jo

Neal McDonough plays Maj. Bennington

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