Study: Drinking coffee after breakfast is more beneficial to your health.

A new study from the University of Bath in the UK suggests that coffee, a very popular drink, is often drunk at the first thing in the morning, but it can damage people’s long-term health,media reported. The researchers warn that the risk comes from drinking coffee soon after getting up in the morning, which may be better for your health if you eat breakfast. The reasons behind this are related to the surprising effects of coffee on blood sugar.

Study: Drinking coffee after breakfast is more beneficial to your health.

The latest study, involving only 29 people, was asked to drink coffee before breakfast after a night’s sleep interruption, and in another experiment, they were asked to drink a glucose drink after a night’s sleep interruption. Similarly, in the third experiment, participants drank glucose drinks after regular nighttime sleep.

The results are positive … Except for those who drink coffee a lot. Although it was not found that not sleeping well at night affected the body’s ability to process breakfast sugar, it only worked if they didn’t drink coffee first. When participants drank strong black coffee in this situation, blood tests showed that their bodies’ ability to process blood sugar decreased.

Maintaining proper blood sugar levels is critical to long-term health and, together with blood pressure and other health indicators, can predict a person’s long-term health. The results show that it is best to have breakfast before coffee. Similarly, when people decide what type of food to eat, they should consider the effects of coffee on blood sugar processing.

Harry Smith, lead researcher on the study, said: “These results suggest that a night’s sleep disruption does not worsen participants’ blood sugar/insulin response to sugary drinks compared to normal sleep, which is a comfort to many of us.” However, drinking an espresso on the first day after a good night’s sleep does have a negative effect of about 50% on glucose metabolism. Therefore, people should try to balance the irritating effects and possibly high blood sugar levels of caffeinate coffee in the morning, preferably after breakfast rather than before breakfast. “