George W. Bush R. R. Martin announces his least favorite “Game of Thrones” scene.

If you don’t like the finale of “Game of Thrones,” author George W. Bush said, according tomedia reports. R. R. Martin doesn’t seem to be 100 percent satisfied with the HBO show either. Now he’s picked out his least favorite scene — but not from a disappointing eighth season. In an interview promoting his new book, Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon, Martin said: “In season eight, the worst part of our budget was my least favorite: King Laub went hunting. “

The final episode of the show reportedly cost $15 million per episode, while the premiere season cost about $6 million.

“So I’ve never filmed (the hunting scene). But I know what a royal hunting party looks like. There will be 100 people, there will be pavilions, there will be hunters, there will be dogs. That’s when the horns blow — that’s how the king hunts! He wouldn’t walk through the woods with his three friends with a spear and hope to meet wild boars. But at the time, we couldn’t afford horses, dogs or tents,” Mr Martin said.

Hunting scenes from the first season.

Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon will be released on Tuesday, October 6 and is now acceptable for booking.