Lucid Air, which has Tesla’s genes, is the imagining enemy of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

Yesterday, Lucid, America’s new electric power force, finally unveiled its first model, the Lucid Air electric sedan, at a virtual launch at its Silicon Valley headquarters. It has a range of 517 miles, more than 1,000 horses and a quarter of a mile in less than 10 seconds, starting at $80,000 (subsidized price).

Lucid Air, which has Tesla's genes, is the imagining enemy of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

In fact, Lucid Air was developed ten years ago. The company was formally established in 2007 under the name Atieva and its main business was the manufacture of high-performance batteries for Formula E racing. In 2016, Atieva officially changed its name to Lucid Motors, with the new goal of creating a midsized luxury flagship sedan. Lucid Air was scheduled to be officially released at the New York Auto Show earlier this year, but has been delayed by the outbreak.

The eye-opener can certainly see that Lucid Air’s imaginative enemy is the Tesla Model S, which is definitely related to the Model S. After all, Lucid’s soul, Peter Rawlinson (formerly Lucid Air’s CTO and now CEO), was Tesla’s chief engineer, and model S was created by him.

It is widely believed in the industry that Lucid, who has all sorts of Tesla insiders and technology, can really compete with Musk.

Now, we finally have a chance to measure Lucid’s exactly a few pounds or two. In fact, as long as there is a new electric car released, it will be compared with Tesla-related models. But Lucid Air is one of those products that actually own Tesla’s DNA.

Of course, Lucid Air isn’t a Model S shanzhai version.

Instead, the up-and-coming show has completed the Model S’s anti-super(e.g. battery life, acceleration, and charging time) in several specs. Musk’s reaction on Twitter also shows that he’s a little wary of Lucid Air (Iron Man says Model S wasn’t designed by Rawlinson).

Unlike other so-called “Tesla killers,” Lucid has a strong gold owner behind him, and the global channels are clear enough. Now, with the first model on the ground, Rawlinson is starting to challenge its old owner. In the future, they will also have an SUV model on the battlefield.

Before the official release, most of Lucid Air’s parameters were in fact out of the air, as they chose to release details each week to warm up and lift people’s appetites.

Of course, if you haven’t paid attention to this car before, don’t miss the following parameters:

Equipped with 113kWh battery pack;

Ideally, it can last up to 517 miles (EPA);

DC fast charge can be replenished by 20 miles per minute;

Charge 60% of the electricity within 20 minutes;

1080 horsepower;

0-96 km/h acceleration of only 2.5 seconds;

A quarter of a mile in 9.9 seconds;

Prices start at $80,000, with a top allocation of $169,000;

280 litres of space in the front case;

The driver assistance system has 32 sensors and LiDAR is included in this luxury package.

Lucid has four different configurations, and it’s clear that the company with Tesla’s genes in its blood also wants to replicate Musk’s vision of using luxury cars to complete the original build-up and then to capture the market with the money it earns to make affordable models.

It’s worth noting that Lucid Air has also completed a deep integration of amazon Alexa, which is much less expensive for users and helps reduce driver distractions.

Like Tesla, Lucid’s first car was a sedan.

Lucid Air, which has Tesla's genes, is the imagining enemy of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

But now the market is SUVs (which account for almost half of new car sales in 2019), and some experts even predict that pickups and SUVs will eat up three-quarters of the U.S. market by 2025. Even Musk says Model Y could sell twice as much as model 3 in the future.

Obviously, at the current pace, Lucid’s sales have yet to be estimated.

Of course, Lucid isn’t alone, and Volvo is the first to start with a car. But throughout the electric market, SUVs and pickups are the main force (such as the popular Rivian).

Lucid Air will certainly compete head-on with the Model S, but Rawlinson says Tesla is not Lucid’s main hypothetic enemy.

Lucid Air is up for grabs in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class market, and some of these rich people don’t see the characterless Model S. Recently, a new generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Classes was unveiled, and the flagship sedan is equipped with an enhanced version of the voice-assisted and driver-assisted system. However, the new S-Class Soul is still a fuel car.

Like other electric start-ups, Lucid has experienced ups and downs. Lucid Air was scheduled to go into mass production in 2018, but the Arizona plant was delayed due to lack of money (a shortfall of $700 million). To get financing as quickly as possible, Lucid signed two separate agreements in 2017 to borrow money with intellectual property collateral. It remains unclear exactly how much voting power the Saudi gold lord has in Lucid.

Now Lucid has started accepting Air bookings for $1,000 for the base version and $7,500 for the top-of-the-line Dream Edition, with the first deliveries starting next spring.