Outlook service paralysis exacerbates Microsoft’s network problems that are beginning to affect users around the world.

After India, Outlook online users around the world reported access to Microsoft services, adding to the drama of Office 365 users’ difficulties earlier this week. Microsoft confirmed at 9 a.m. Central European time, or 3 a.m. EST, that users were having trouble accessing their Exchange Online accounts over Outlook.

Microsoft initially said users in India were the main group affected. However, the company later confirmed on Microsoft’s 365-state Twitter account that the problem was affecting users around the world.

The worst affected areas include the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and India, according to Downloaddetector. In addition, several users on Twitter reported that users in Europe could not access Outlook on weekns.

The new incident occurred earlier this week when users were unable to log on to Office.com, Outlook.com, Teams, Power Platform and Dynamics365 due to authentication errors, causing Office 365 to fail for six hours. Microsoft was forced to roll back a recent change that affected the authentication of many Microsoft and Azure services.

Microsoft’s Office Services Health Dashboard also confirmed that Outlook.com users “may not be able to access their email.”

“We are collecting additional data from the affected infrastructure to assist our investigation and determine the cause of the impact,” Microsoft said.

Similar to the incident earlier this week, Microsoft said it was investigating recent updates to its services to determine the potential source of the problem. However, there is no indication when the problem will be resolved.

“We are reviewing recent changes to the service to further determine the cause of the impact. Users may experience problems with a variety of Exchange Online protocols, including Outlook desktops, mobile devices, and protocols that rely on REST functionality. Microsoft said.

Outlook service paralysis exacerbates Microsoft's network problems that are beginning to affect users around the world.