Microsoft’s Global Skills Program has helped 10 million people learn new digital skills.

Back in June, Microsoft launched an initiative to help 25 million people worldwide develop more digital skills by 2020. In just three months of launch, Microsoft, LinkedIn and GitHub have trained more than 10 million learners worldwide through their global skills programs.

“Since its launch in June, people from 231 countries and territories, as well as all 50 states, have accessed our program at Every day we see a large number of people from the United States, India, the United Kingdom, France and Canada studying, some of the most popular courses for software development, customer service and data analyst positions,” the company explains.

Microsoft's Global Skills Program has helped 10 million people learn new digital skills.

In its blog post, the company details several important steps it has taken to help people find new jobs. In a two-step process, Microsoft first tried to identify 10 jobs that had been in high demand in recent months, and then connected LinkedIn’s learning path to those jobs.

As a result, Microsoft says learners have shown a keen interest in learning paths such as data analysts, customer service specialists and software developers over the past three months. The company also highlighted the importance of soft skills to learners and identified the following high-demand learning paths.

Mastering highly demanding professional soft skills: on developing resilience, developing emotional security, and accepting unexpected changes.

Diversity and inclusion and a sense of belonging for all: learn skills in the face of prejudice, cross-cultural communication, and inclusive dialogue.

Finding a job in a time of economic challenge: learning skills to recover from layoffs, digital body language, and career strategies to prevent decline.

Microsoft’s blog post also covers a number of other topics, showing its continued commitment to helping job seekers and how the company is working with nonprofits. The blog even explores how Microsoft’s free learning tools can help job seekers finally find their dream job. If you’re interested in learning about Microsoft’s new initiatives, check out the blog post for more details.