Gilead executive: FDA “will soon” approve its new coronary drug, Redsyvir.

Johanna Mercier, Gilead’s chief commercial officer, said in a conference call with reporters that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is “on the verge” of approving Gilead’s promising new coronary drug, Redsyvir. Mercier said Gilead and the FDA were “very close to finalizing” Redsyve’s new drug application.

The FDA issued Redsiway’s emergency use authorization in May, but it needs to prove its validity to obtain final approval.

Mr Gilead said real-time DEMAND for Redsiwell in the US was being met and global demand was expected to be met in October, even if the number of cases could surge by then.

Gilead’s shares jumped nearly 1 per cent in the short term, down 0.7 per cent at one point earlier.