NASA releases guidelines for the public to observe the “Venus-Jupiter” celestial image

According tomedia CNET, the two objects that have never really met appear to give each other a quick “cosmic kiss.” According to Sky and Telescope, NASA says people can enjoy the rare “Venus-Jupiter” image after sunset on Sunday local time, with Venus about 1.5 degrees southwest of Jupiter.

Venus will be one of the brighter, and people should be able to tell both with the naked eye or binoculars.

People need to make sure that 30 to 60 minutes after sunset, when the sky starts to darken, they start observing the day. In January this year, the heavens staged the strange image of Venus to Jupiter, when the two bright planets were at a angular angle of about 3 degrees.

Of course, this is a celestial image of Venus and Jupiter, which are equal to the ceanosis or cede, because the two planets are actually separated by an asteroid belt.

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