Google’s flagship streaming device, Chromecast, doesn’t support its own Stadia.

Yesterday Google unveiled its latest version of its Chromecast device, a big boost from previous versions. But one thing it can’t do is stream the Stadia game. Google’s new device, officially known as Chromecast with Google TV, features remote controls and a streaming box-like feature that allows users to watch Netflix and Hulu content directly without streaming it from their phones.

Despite the upgrade, or even the upgrade, the new Chromecast still can’t stream games from Google’s Stadia devices. Media said the feature will not be available until at least next year.

It’s a bit of a surprise that your flagship streaming device is not compatible with your flagship game streaming service, and even more amazingly, Google has discontinued Chromecast Ultracast, a device that can play Stadia games. For $100 for a Stadia founder’s kit with Google’s gamepad, you can get a Chromecast Ultra device, but if you want to pay for it alone, you don’t have a chance.

Despite the fatal flaws that most games require players to buy separately, Stadia has struggled to optimize this summer, expanding its library of free and paid versions of the game. Today, you’ve joined the likes of Dawn Killer, Humans: A Lost Ground and Adventures in the Rain 2. But the attitude of a product like Chromecast with Google TV that doesn’t support Stadia at first is a little bit of confidence in the latter.

Google's flagship streaming device, Chromecast, doesn't support its own Stadia.Google's flagship streaming device, Chromecast, doesn't support its own Stadia.