Linux 5.10 welcomes the “Vivaldi” keyboard driver’s support for Chromebook further.

For some time now, it has been mentioned that “Vivaldi” is the new Chromebook keyboard firmware for future devices. References in the Chrome OS repository have pointed to Vivaldi’s extended keyboard layout and other new features. With the introduction of the Linux 5.10 kernel, there is now a new HID driver that supports some of the differences between the Vivaldi keyboard and the standard keyboard.

This Vivaldi HID driver is aimed at Vivaldi-based keyboards and is capable of reading and reporting the top-line layout of these keyboards, and this support for top-line keys and extended function keys relies on Google’s unique HID bits.

The Vivaldi keyboard can work on the previous kernel or without this hid-vivaldi driver until the driver is incorporated into the kernel, but this 163 lines of new code are necessary to handle the physical sorting of the top-line function keys.

Details of this submission have become part of hid’s for-next region ahead of the Linux 5.10 merge window later this month.

This means that Linux has gone one step further in its efforts to improve the support for new Google Chromebook devices.