NVIDIA acquires ARM’s top mobile chip maker, defecting to the RISC-V camp.

Shortly after the $7 billion acquisition of Mellanox, NVIDIA announced last month that it would buy ARM for $40 billion, a much bigger impact because ARM is so important that the world’s leading CPU IP licensing company relies on ARM for the vast majority of handset makers.

Despite NVIDIA’s commitment to operating neutrally after the acquisition of ARM without affecting the IP licensing of third-party customers, the trend has become clear, with strong companies such as NVIDIA acquiring ARM’s future variables and companies that rely entirely on ARM at risk.

SA’s website says a large mobile chip company, one of the world’s TOP5 handset chip makers, is already moving to the RISC-V camp.

And this defection is not just because NVIDIA acquired ARM, more than a year ago in preparation, is a long-term strategy, not a short-term response strategy.

Because SA’s news is charged, it’s not clear who they’re talking about, but TOP5 phone chip companies are no more than Apple, Qualcomm, Samsung, Huawei, Anda, among them, Apple has just built its own ARM chip, which can first exclude them.

Qualcomm also doesn’t feel threatened by ARM’s acquisition, after all, it’s a U.S. company, and the second one is excluded.

Defection to RISC-V may be Samsung, Huawei, One of The Department of Development, but The Company’s mobile phone chips are more stable, do not rule out other areas will try RISC-V, but on the mobile phone chip they should not give up ARM, can also be ruled out.

Samsung is ambitious in semiconductors, and its self-developed ARM processors have largely failed, and it is likely to try the RISC-V processor.

Of course, the most likely is Huawei, but Huawei itself is an important member of RISC-V, which has always attached great importance to open source processors, and they are not surprising in news.

Whichever company, after NVIDIA’s acquisition of ARM, may have to think more about one way, ARM’s prospects are not good, RISC-V is clearly an opportunity, this open source CPU will not theoretically be controlled by any company, just like Linux.

NVIDIA acquires ARM's top mobile chip maker, defecting to the RISC-V camp.