Official Illustration: Where is Intel’s processor craft strong?

CPU technology is a key part of Thetel’s dominance of the x86 market, which has not been disadvantageous for more than three decades, but in recent years Intel has lagged behind in process numbers, and instead companies such as TSMC and Samsung have taken the lead. As for the naming of the process, Tang Wei, general manager of Intel China Retail Sales Group, responded in an interview earlier, talking about whether 7nm of 10nm’s relative friend was squeezing toothpaste.

Mr Tang says naming technology digitally can actually lead to a lot of misunderstandings. The same is true of nano-naming, with most experts in the industry agreeing that Intel’s 10nm process is roughly the same as TSMC’s and Samsung’s 7nm processes.

Tang believes that there is another problem with numeric nomenclaming, which is a single-dimensional number, but the technology is multi-dimensional.

Intel has six pillars of technology, process and packaging, architecture design, connected technology, memory and storage, security, software, Intel’s strongest place is to quickly integrate so many technologies to provide users with the most appropriate products.

So how strong is Intel in this regard? Today coincides with Intel’s Manufacturing Day, and officials have released a series of materials to highlight their strengths in semiconductor technology.

Among them, Intel mentioned that they are one of the world’s three leading semiconductor companies, but Intel did not mention who the other two are, according to the standard of process leadership, only TSMC, Samsung, GF, United And SMIC and other companies are too weak, the process is not advanced enough.

Intel says it operates six wafer manufacturing plants worldwide, including a 4m sqm dust-free chamber.

In these most complex and modern manufacturing plants ever, hundreds of steps were taken to turn large wafers into wafers containing hundreds of cores, which were then sent to Intel’s four global packaging test plants, sealed and packaged before being delivered to customers around the world.

Detailed information can be seen in the following picture, is still the English version, it is estimated that the domestic two days will produce a Chinese version.

Official Illustration: Where is Intel's processor craft strong?