(Video) Galaxy Z Fold 2 Durability Test: Hinged dust protection has been upgraded.

Samsung officials say the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a new design on the hinges to make it more durable. So is this the case? Zack Nelson, host of Jerry RigEverything, a well-known digital channel, tested durability, proving this point.

Durability was one of Samsung’s key commitments when it released the Z Fold 2 in August. To illustrate its point, the company even used Nelson’s durability tests for the first-generation Galaxy Fold. He found that he only needed to put a dust on the folding machine, and a noise occurred at the subsequent opening and close.

Samsung uses a similar “sweeper” technology on the Galaxy Z Fold 2, as it describes on Z Flip, which is designed to brush dust and dirt out of the display of a foldable phone. The company doesn’t claim the device is completely waterproof or dustproof, but tests have shown that the phone should be more durable if it accidentally comes into contact with a small amount of dust.

Nielsen didn’t take the phone apart during durability testing, so it’s unclear if smaller dust and dirt managed to get into the hinges, although iFixit’s disassembly of Z Flip found that the dust can still pass through a brush-like hinge mechanism.