CEPI: An organization that specializes in comparing new coronavirus vaccines and helps select the best choice.

According tomedia reports, vaccines will play a key role in the fight against pandemics. The virus may never go away, but a combination of immunization campaigns and ongoing public health measures will reduce the spread of the disease. In order for the vaccine strategy to work, the world needs effective and safe medicines. Then people need enough capacity to meet demand, and a significant proportion of the population will have to agree to be vaccinated.

CEPI: An organization that specializes in comparing new coronavirus vaccines and helps select the best choice.

No vaccine leader at this time can guarantee the positive results we expect, no matter how promising the first and second phases of the trials may be. But the good news is that hundreds of drugs are at different stages of development. Now, one organization will try to objectively compare the two drugs to determine which experimental drug might do best to stop COVID-19 infection.

Although the World Health Organization is involved in monitoring COVID-19 vaccine research, the comparison of vaccine candidates is not carried out by the organization. Coalition for The Price Innovations (CEPI) has invested in late-stage trials of vaccines, including Moderna, AstraZenecom, Novavax and CureVac. The group confirmed to Reuters that it had set up a laboratory to do the difficult comparison.

Melanie Saville, director of vaccine research and development at CEPI, said a network of laboratories in Europe, Asia and North America would focus on analyzing samples from various candidate vaccine trials for new coronary pneumonia, just as all vaccines are tested on one platform.

Melanie Saville, head of CEPI, said: “With the development of hundreds of COVID-19 vaccines … It is critical that we have a system that reliably evaluates and compares the immune response of candidate vaccines currently being tested. In addition, she added, centralized analysis would allow the organization to eliminate differences between laboratories and provide uniform conclusions from so many different projects.

Starting with CEPI, six laboratories will be involved in the project in Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Bangladesh and India. These laboratories will be the first to examine early vaccine candidate tests from Phase I and Phase II trials. However, CEPI wants to expand capacity to be able to analyze phase III data.

These conclusions may provide the world with an objective understanding of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and allow Governments to choose the best medicines for their countries. Comparing these drugs may also help ease public concerns about vaccines and persuade people to get them as early as possible.