Tesla Dowling: Cheap won’t be endless When you reach the best cost, there won’t be room to cut prices.

During the 11th period, Tesla 叒叕 price cuts caused dissatisfaction among car owners, Tesla was questioned about “cutting vegetables.” Just today, Tesla once again took to Twitter for a price cut. Tesla’s vice president, Tau Lin, responded to Tesla’s price cuts with several tweets, saying he “understands the mood” and that we have employees who just picked up their cars in September and apply the same price policy as the average consumer.

Tao Lin points out that our pricing logic is simple, if the product can be cheaper, it should be given to consumers. Of course, this cheap will not be endless, when it reaches a optimal state of cost, there will be no more space. We don’t do paid advertising, and that’s the logic, because we don’t want consumers to pay extra for advertising.

Tao Lin also said that all product-related inputs, we will not reduce the requirements. In addition, all costs are saved as efficiently as possible. Through these rigorous management, we are able to gradually reduce costs and give back to end customers as much as possible.

At present, the chinese-made Model 3 standard battery life upgrade subsidy after the sale price of 2499 million yuan, the Chinese-made Model 3 long-range rear-wheel drive version subsidy after the sale price of 3099 million yuan. The high-performance version of Performance remains unchanged at $419,800.

Tesla Dowling: Cheap won't be endless When you reach the best cost, there won't be room to cut prices.