Microsoft deploys Microsoft Defender updates for Windows 10 images.

Microsoft recently released an update to Microsoft Defender in the Windows installation image to protect users from the first installation. The new update applies to the installation image of Microsoft’s latest operating system, especially for Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, Windows Server 2016/2019.

Microsoft deploys Microsoft Defender updates for Windows 10 images.

Microsoft explains: “In the first few hours of a newly installed Windows system deployment, users may be affected by inadequate protection from Microsoft Defender because system images may contain outdated antimalware software when installing them. These devices will remain protected until the first antimalware software update is complete. Regular maintenance of operating system installation images to update Microsoft Defender binary minimizes this protection vulnerability in new deployments.”

After the update is deployed, the antimalware client, engine, and signature versions are automatically updated. Microsoft explains: “This package includes monthly updates and fixes to the Microsoft Defender AntiMalware platform and engine, which Microsoft Defender Antivirus uses in Windows 10. The package also includes the latest security intelligence updates as of the release date.”

Microsoft recommends that users do not use it in live images, and the company indicates that the operating system running in the virtual machine may eventually be corrupted after the deployment is installed. The package update tool can run on Windows 10 64-bit and PowerShell 5.1. After downloading the update from the link below, users can deploy to the Windows system image using the following commands.

PS C:gt; DefenderUpdateWinImage.ps1 – WorkingDirect path_to_package path_to_Os_Imageory-

After installation, the following versions should be run on your Windows installation image (needless to say, they will be updated when Microsoft releases new packages for customers).

Platform version: 4.18.2008.9 4.18.2008.9.

Engine version: 1.1.17400.5.

Signature version: 1.323.2216.0.