Microsoft Flight Simulation Simulation Demonstration of Earth’s Atmosphere Weather Effects

The main character of “Microsoft Flight Simulation” is an airplane, but what really determines the game experience is the simulation of aerodynamics and weather conditions during flight. In a recently released video, David Dedeine, creative director of Microsoft Flight Simulation, shares details about the weather effects, knowing that floating clouds that look like marshmallows in the game are real simulations of the Earth’s atmosphere.

《微软飞行模拟》模拟地球大气层 气象效果演示

The video first introduces the new idea of simulating the atmosphere, using a scatter distribution system that allows the image engine to integrate all the light sources and render them together. These light sources are affected by air density, humidity, and pollution levels. He also described the simulated calculation effect of the game’s light and shadow effects, which he said would make Microsoft Flight Simulation very real.

According to the introduction, this work will use volume 3D rain and volume rainbow scattering effect. Each drop of rain takes into account the speed of the plane itself. The fog effect and frosting effect also occur, depending on the ambient temperature outside the cabin.

The volume cloud details of this work are rich in 32 layers, creating different dispersions, densities, and shapes that can be presented from any angle. Players can choose pre-set weather conditions such as sunny, cloudy, stormy, and so on.

Microsoft Flight Simulation will also use real-world map data to show the rotation of day and night, with the sun and moon’s positionin in the sky changing year-round. Even the stars of the stars are generated from real data.

The video also shows that players can change the game’s time through the “weather console” or connect the game to reality online for the most authentic flight experience. They used 60 layers of real-time cloud data and 20 other data, such as humidity, temperature, air pressure, wind speed, and so on, all of which will be injected into the game engine.

Microsoft Flight Simulation will be available in 2020 and is currently scheduled to land on a PC. Will be included in the Microsoft Game Pass service.

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