Huawei President of Italy: Willing to accept “anatomical” review of self-certification products without safety risks.

Huawei, which has faced two rounds of U.S. sanctions this year, has been formally hit with chip-outs, citing U.S. government allegations last year that huawei’s network devices contained backdo doors and other insecurity. Luigi De Vecchis, Huawei’s president in Italy, said the company was ready and willing to undergo a “microscope”-level inspection of the flag equipment facility to prove that it did not have a so-called security risk,media reported.

Huawei unveiled its local cyber security center in Rome, Italy, on Wednesday, the same day that Luigi De Vecchis, Huawei’s italian president, made the comments.

De Vecchis said Huawei was open to scrutiny such as “living anatomy” at any time. He felt speechless about the U.S. sanctions against China, which he said lacked factual basis and were designed to bring down a company.