Strong demand for EUV lithographers: ASML passing applied materials become the world’s largest semiconductor equipment company

In nearly 30 years, Dutch lithographgiant asmlato giant is finally overtaking Applied Materials to become the world’s largest semiconductor equipment company. Robert Castellano, chairman of TIN Research, says application materials’ share of the wafer front end (WFE) has been falling for the past three years. On the contrary, the EUV photolithography machine was robbed by several giant wafer giants.

Strong demand for EUV lithographers: ASML hyperapplied materials become the world's largest semiconductor equipment company

Applied Materials’ share of the semiconductor equipment market was 19.2% last year, up slightly to 19.4% this year, while rival ASML rose to 21.6% from 18% last year, the study said.

“Based on a modest 5 percent recovery in the entire WFE market in 2020 and planned capital expenditures by semiconductor manufacturers, ASML will increase its market share to 22.8 percent by 2020, while Applied Materials will maintain a 19.3 percent share,” Castellano said. “

In the fourth quarter of this year, ASML is expected to deliver eight EUV lithographs, with an average price of 120 million euros, or 930 million yuan, making it the most expensive device for humanity.

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