Squeeze dry mobile phone large memory Xiaomi sun RAMDISK trial mode.

Today, the phone’s memory (RAM) capacity is getting bigger and bigger, 8GB, 12G or even 16GB is no longer uncommon. How do I use such a large memory capacity? On a PC, one way is to use memory space as a hard disk, or RAMDISK. Now Xiaomi has also introduced the technology to mobile phones.

As the annual “Oversized Cup” model, Xiaomi 10 Extreme Memorial Edition has a range of top-notch hardware configurations. Equipped with UFS 3.1 high-speed flash memory and LPDDR5 high-speed memory, up to 16GB of memory. In order to make full use of it, the machine introduced RAMDISK game trial mode, which is to make full use of the advantages of large memory play.

On October 4, Xiaomi Zeng Xuezhong tweeted about it.

It is reported that mobile phone memory (RAM) capacity is small, but ultra-fast. Flash (Flash/ROM) is large and slow. The Xiaomi 10 Extreme Memorial Edition features the latest generation of LPDDR5 high-speed memory at speeds of up to 44GB/s. Flash (Flash) is currently the highest specification UFS 3.1, but compared to memory, the speed gap is still very large, sequential reading and writing speed of about 1700 plus MB/s, 750 plus MB/s.

RAMDISK installs games directly into memory, saving about 40%-60% of game installation and load time. RAMDISK, which simulates partial memory (RAM) as Flash, can greatly improve read and write speed.

Squeeze dry mobile phone large memory Xiaomi sun RAMDISK trial mode.

When game trial mode is turned on, Xiaomi 10 Extreme Memorial Builds a Virtual Store in Memory (RAM). Users can download and install games directly into memory (RAM), significantly increasing the speed of game installation and loading. 12GB for up to 6GB and 16GB for up to 8GB.

Users of Xiaomi 10 Extreme Memorial Edition can find the “Extreme Installation” theme in the Game Center and then enter the game trial mode. Click on the second set, you can try to play mode to install the game. In the case of Peace Elite, for example, installation takes 19 seconds in regular mode. Installation through the game trial mode, only 10 seconds, installation speed increased by nearly 100%.

Squeeze dry mobile phone large memory Xiaomi sun RAMDISK trial mode.

According to Xiaomi, the increase in installation speed is particularly noticeable for games with more space occupied. At present, “King Glory”, “Peace Elite”, “QQ Flying Car” and more than 10 mainstream large-scale games have been supported. Also, if you don’t like the content of the game, you can delete it directly after you try it out, neither taking up storage space nor generating fragmented files to slow down your phone.

Game trial mode improves more than just the speed of the game’s installation. Because it is read and written directly in memory (RAM), the speed of the game’s decompression, map loading, etc. has also improved significantly. And the game resident memory (RAM), multi-task switching does not need to reload, so that large games can also have seconds to enter, do not wait for the game experience, pick up the phone at any time to fight.

To distinguish it from normal games, games installed in trial mode display an additional “flash icon” on the desktop. Switches are also available in the game space and can be switched on or off on or off on their own. It’s important to note that because the game is written directly in memory (RAM), runs out of battery or restarts the phone, the game installed in trial mode disappears and is only suitable for short-term experiences. Of course, a trial mode-installed game can also be transferred to Flash to become a normally installed game.

Squeeze dry mobile phone large memory Xiaomi sun RAMDISK trial mode.