The Google Calendar mobile app is finally enough to create and view tasks.

Google has finally assembled two important features that will make it easier for users to arrange and manage their lives. In an announcement late last week, the company revealed that its iOS and Android Google Calendar apps had finally updated the technology to view and create tasks, which previously could only be done by syncing Google Calendars on the web.

Google Tasks is the company’s platform for creating to-dos; Google has previously added tasks to its calendar products, but only on the Web, which is becoming increasingly outdated and users are more likely to use mobile apps. Google Tasks is excluded from the mobile Google Calendar, making the entire platform inconvenient for many people.

That changed on October 2nd, when Google announced that calendar users on iOS and Android could now view their existing tasks and create new ones directly. The entries appear on Google Calendar, making it easier for users to see what’s coming in their schedules for the day, week and month.

Users can add relevant information to a task, including selecting a time period for an event, adding details that might be required, and choosing whether to duplicate a task on a specific date or time on the calendar, similar to creating an event.

According to Google, it is rolling out the new feature integration; it could take up to two weeks for all users to see tasks appear in their mobile calendars. Task integration in the Google Calendar mobile app will be open to all users, including those with Google’s personal account and G Suite customers.

The Google Calendar mobile app is finally enough to create and view tasks.