Microsoft has launched a math application that will help you “do the problem”

Microsoft recently launched a “Microsoft Math” app on the App Store that provides help with solving problems at all levels and types of middle school and high school, using the Artificial Intelligence Math Solveor.

“Microsoft Mathematics” supports photo scanning, handwriting input, and scientific calculator input in three type inputs, while the type of math problem basically covers the scope of junior high school:

1. Arithmetic: Real, Plural, Maximum Convention, Minimum Common Multiple, Factor Decomposition

2. Primary Algebra: Square Root, Exponential (Power) Operation, Score

3. Algebra: one-yuan quadratic equations, equations, inequalities, algebraics, linear equations, terning syntlets, terning syntlets, etc.

4. Calculus: Sum, Limit, Derivative, Integral

5. Statistics (series): average, median, model, standard deviation, arrangement, combination

Microsoft Math currently offers free downloads in the App Store, requires iOS 11 or higher to run, supports iPhone, iPod touch, and adapts iPads, and supports Apple Pencil.

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