Call of Duty 16 Makes Xbox One Brick? IW: Working with Microsoft

Call of Duty 16: Modern Warfare went on sale on October 25, but a serious server error that left Xbox One players unable to use the online feature sparingly is now facing even tougher problems, with many players now saying “Call of Duty 16: Modern Warfare” IW said it was working with Microsoft to fix the problem by bricking its Xbox One X.

《使命召唤16》让Xbox One变砖? IW:正与微软携手解决

In its Reddit response, IW wrote: ‘We have identified a problem with the game and are currently affecting players on the Xbox One X. These players are facing a brick-and-mortar situation with the console. We are working with Microsoft to resolve this issue. We really appreciate the feedback you’ve been giving us in this release, and every bit of it will help. Please be patient and wait for further updates on this issue and thank you for your patience and assistance in our search for a solution.

Although these “brick-and-mortar” questions have not been fully confirmed, some netizens have responded to the call of Duty 16 and the non-responsive xbox One X console, which a user named Jason Todd said was unlikely.

Some players wrote in their responses: “Many players don’t even try to hard reset their Xbox consoles, and there isn’t a single game in the game that can brick it down under the memory capacity of an existing console, despite players saying this has been the case with Lord’s Land 3 and The Holy Song before.” But that’s just because the game doesn’t know how to remove the console’s system or let the motherboard overheat beyond its security settings. ”

《使命召唤16》让Xbox One变砖? IW:正与微软携手解决

Of course, for Xbox One players, not playing Call of Duty 16: Modern Warfare is the best option now, and it’s best to wait until IW has a corresponding fix update in progress.

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