Sources say samsung’s Galaxy S21 will support the S Pen but will not be given away.

The Galaxy S and Note series have long been little different in hardware, and Samsung has used continuous improvements in S Pen capabilities as a differentiator between market positioning. Although we’ve known for a long time that Samsung is trying to close the functional gap between the two flagship device lines in the second half of the year, the Galaxy S21 model, which is expected to arrive in spring 2021, won’t come with a Galaxy Note-specific S Pen stylus.

Sources say samsung's Galaxy S21 will support the S Pen but will not be given away.

With S Pen, users can write and paint more naturally on the screen. However, there have been earlier rumours that Samsung could further narrow the gap between the Galaxy S and Note flagship devices from 2021.

The Galaxy S21, which will be released next spring, will also fully support the S Pen pen, but the company won’t randomly attach the accessory for a more native experience, meaning consumers interested in the feature will still have to pay for it.

Obviously, for the relatively small Galaxy S21, Samsung won’t easily use valuable interior space for the S Pen. Even if we give consumers a stylus, it’s hard to imagine the loss rate of the accessory.

Finally, at the pace of previous years, Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S21 in February 2021 and go on sale in March, while the Note 21 series will be available in the summer of 2021, most likely in August.