Loongson 3A/3B3000 General Purpose Processor Shipping Over 300,000 won the “China Core” Award

Two days ago, the Loongson processor made headlines again, in a piece of news not related to Loongson get ridiculed, causing the Chinese Academy of Sciences official micro-blog also to feel helpless. For get ridiculed, the view of many criticizers is that this processor has been blowing for so long, when is it going commercial? This “I haven’t seen it, no” logic is certainly not right, but the commercialization of criticizer does have nothing to do with the average consumer, the main goal is not in the consumer market.

According to official information, Loongson 3A/3B3000 series processor shipments have reached more than 300,000 pieces, mainly used in government and enterprise office, network security, energy, transportation, education and other fields, in these areas have been recognized by users.

The 14th “China Core” Integrated Circuit Industry Promotion Conference, held by the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute in Qingdao,  Loongson won the 14th “China Core” Award in 2019.

龙芯3A/3B3000通用处理器出货超30万 获得“中国芯”大奖

series of processors mainly have three series, including Loongson 1 small CPU mainly focusing on cloud terminal, industrial control, data acquisition, handheld terminal, network security, consumer electronics and other fields, Loongson 2 CPU began to support 64-bit, for embedded computers, industrial control, mobile information terminals, automotive electronics and other fields, Loongson 3 large CPU is for high-end embedded computers, desktop computers, servers, high-performance computers and other applications, more core, stronger performance, architecture, technology more advanced.

According to the official website, Loongson 3A3000/3B3000 is the latest upgrade of Loongson 3 series processor, based on the Loongson 3A2000 design, Loongson 3A3000 has carried out a small structural improvement, increase the number of processor core key queue items, expand the private / shared cache capacity on the chip, is conducive to the performance of the same main frequency to improve And in the new process to achieve the chip frequency increase. The measured main frequency exceeds 1.5GHz, the access interface meets the DDR3-1600 specification, the overall performance of the chip can be greatly improved, and at the same time, the adjustment support of chip substrate bias is added to better balance between performance and power consumption, broadening the applicable field of the chip;

In addition, the forward compatibility of the chip package pins has been maintained, and the original Loongson 3A1000/3A2000 chip can be directly replaced, and the BIOS and core can be upgraded for better user experience improvement.

3B3000 supports up to four pieces of fully connected structure of multi-channel consistent interconnect on the basis of Loongson 3A3000.

龙芯3A/3B3000通用处理器出货超30万 获得“中国芯”大奖

In addition, according to the previous revelations, Loongson 3A/3B3000 after the Loongson 3A/3B4000 series, 28nm process unchanged, frequency increased to 2.0GHz, architecture upgraded to GS464V, with the chipset also upgraded to Loongson 7A2000, 28nm process.

After The Loongson 3A/3B4000 is the Loongson 3A/3C5000 series, the GS464V core architecture remains unchanged, the process is upgraded to 12nm (previously said to be 16 or 14nm, 12nm for 16nm process optimization), the frequency increased to 2.5GHz.

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