There is a view that Microsoft may buy the rest of Nokia’s business again.

There are rumors that Microsoft is planning to buy Nokia again. Of course, this time it won’t be the phone business that Microsoft dropped in 2015, but the internet company that Microsoft didn’t buy in 2013. Nokia will be acquired next year by a major U.S. technology company, with Microsoft and Intel both listed as potential buyers, according to CCS Insight.

There is a view that Microsoft may buy the rest of Nokia's business again.

Of course, Microsoft is cash-rich, capital-rich and increasingly in need of a trusted supplier of network equipment, and nokia is naturally the best choice as an old acquaintance, who recently won a big deal from BT in the UK to replace Huawei’s network equipment.

“Obviously, the US is looking for a replacement for Huawei, and people are very concerned about that. The potential Nokia may be this opportunity. “CCS Insight’s director of consumers and connectivity, Kester Mann, said.” We think Nokia may be relatively easy to buy.”

Now the field is increasingly competitive, with Samsung and Intel vying for the market to fill Huawei’s gap, but Microsoft also has a strong relationship with operators in 5G’s important 5G, edge computing.

“Microsoft has taken a real interest in telecommunications. We’ve seen them make two acquisitions this year . . . Metaswitch and Affirmed Networks . . . This is all about obtaining some professional intellectual property rights in 5G and telecommunications, as well as some links within the industry. We believe Nokia may be a potential target for a company like Microsoft. “

Microsoft’s efforts to buy TikTok should convince our readers that anything is possible, since Nokia is worth only $18.84 billion, or even cheaper than buying TikTok.