Microsoft celebrates ‘record year’ at its Xbox gaming studio

Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s general manager of game marketing, spent some time writing on Xbox Wire to celebrate a “record year” for Xbox Games Studios. It’s been a remarkable year for Xbox Games Studios, especially since Microsoft recently bought ZeneMax Media for $7.5 billion. As we work together to count down the release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on November 10, Greenberg looks back at all the achievements Microsoft and Xbox Game Studio have made over the past year.

During that time, Xbox Game Studios released 15 Xbox games, 10 of which were brand new, and many more coming soon, setting an Xbox record.

Fans played 1.66 billion hours, and Xbox Game Studios developed the most games ever played by players.

“Microsoft Flight Simulator” is Microsoft Game Studio’s longest-running series of games, with a total score of 92 metacritic, is also the highest score of this year’s PC games.

Pokemon Go and Firefly Will is the highest rated Xbox game, with Metacritic averaging 90 points.

Obsidian’s new book, Grounded, quickly broke through 1 million players when it launched, while Sea of Thieves has 15 million players so far.

Wilderness 3 is not only a fan favorite, it previously won the best RPG award on Gamescom, with a metacritic average of 86 points.

At the Xbox Games Show in July, Microsoft unveiled five new Xbox Game Studios.

On top of that, the Xbox community has made some amazing gaming data on Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One and Windows PCs.

Microsoft celebrates 'record year' at its Xbox gaming studio

Microsoft Flight Simulator players have recorded more than 26 million flights, more than 1 billion miles, an average of 15 times as many flights per day as the world’s real-life flights in 2019, enough to travel more than 40,000 times around the globe.

Minecraft Dungeon has become a favorite of collaborators, with 6.9 million multiplayer sessions in the past two months, nearly two-thirds of which (4.4 million) were done on the couch.

More than 500 million insects have been suppressed in Confinement, but given that there are more than 1 trillion insects in the world, we have eliminated only 0.00 million0,000,000.00 percent.

Starting November 10, 2020, Microsoft will release the next generation of Xbox consoles, Series X and Series S, and Xbox Game Studio will continue to roll out Xbox Game Pass gaming exclusives and be backward compatible with its already powerful gaming products through Xbox.