Google is building an Android security team to look for vulnerabilities in sensitive apps.

Bugs and vulnerabilities are becoming more and more difficult to avoid as operating system code becomes more complex. At the same time, as Android and iOS platforms become increasingly important in the mobile age, the industry needs more and more experienced security researchers. The latest news is that search giant Google is building an Android security team and will work to identify and eliminate bugs in sensitive apps.

Google is building an Android security team to look for vulnerabilities in sensitive apps.

While the Android Security team was nothing new in the early days, Google clearly hopes to further accelerate the process of discovering and fixing bugs by forming a new team.

Specifically, this Android security team will be primarily responsible for conducting security assessments of “highly sensitive applications.” Interestingly, the company also disclosed it in a hiring launch.

The search giant is understood to be hoping to recruit a manager for security engineering ,the transfer door, a position that would require a security team and then conduct a security assessment of highly sensitive third-party Android apps on Google Play.

Media speculated that the team might focus on apps that contain sensitive user data, such as online banking and the recently popular COVID-19 close contact tracking notification app.

The hiring revelation also discusses the new Android security team Google is looking for that will not only work to identify vulnerabilities in sensitive apps, but also provide a remedy to resolve them.

Further, the new team will also be responsible for working with other Android security teams to find better ways to mitigate such problems, which will obviously be extended beyond their own Play Store.

In other words, this will improve the overall security and accessability of the Android ecosystem, resulting in a better user experience.