The post office lost the lottery ticket, preventing a lottery winner in Florida from winning the prize.

Sue Burgess, a lottery winner in Florida, was due to receive $1,000, but has now received nothing,media BGR reported. According to Burgess, her $1,000 winning ticket was sent through the U.S. Postal Service using a registered letter. Things are “lost” in messages from time to time, but registered letters provide a tracking service for envelopes, so they can track their location at each step.

The post office lost the lottery ticket, preventing a lottery winner in Florida from winning the prize.

Burgess eventually chose to send the lottery by mail because she had no other choice because the new crown pandemic had led to the closure of the local lottery office.

According to local news reports, the letter showed that the post office had received the envelope in the early hours of 12 August, but that it had actually disappeared since then. No further tracking information was registered, and since the ticket was the only proof of her winnings, the Florida Lottery could not have handed over $1,000 in good faith. When Burgess called the lottery office to ask about the lottery, she was told that “you can’t get a prize without a lottery ticket.”

“That’s why you chose to register,” Burgess told WFLA. “I understand that mail was a little slow during the Covid outbreak. However, for security reasons, registered letters usually have priority. “

Despite the bad luck, there may be some hope for Burgess. According to the Florida Lottery, if they receive the lottery, her prize money may still be cashed in, but only in certain circumstances.

“Ms. Burgess’s situation is unusual, and as far as we know, no other winner has experienced a similar problem,” the Florida Lottery said in a statement. “Since the lottery did not receive Ms. Burgess’ ticket during the seven-day claim period, an alternate winner was selected and the prize was paid. However, if Ms. Burgess’ package arrives at the Florida Lottery headquarters with a date stamp before the original validity date, our claims processing department will process and pay her claim. “