The Samsung Cloud Album Sync/Cloud Drive service is about to end and users can migrate to Microsoft OneDrive.

Microsoft and Samsung have signed a long-term cooperation agreement that not only allows some of Microsoft’s mobile apps to be pre-installed on Samsung phones, but also makes OneDrive a recommended cloud storage service for Galaxy users. Samsung Cloud has previously announced that it will forgo Gallery Sync and Drive storage, meaning data stored on the service will be migrated to Microsoft services.

The Samsung Cloud Album Sync/Cloud Drive service is about to end and users can migrate to Microsoft OneDrive.The Samsung Cloud Album Sync/Cloud Drive service is about to end and users can migrate to Microsoft OneDrive.

When the replacement is complete, users who need the cloud feature upload their photo gallery to OneDrive instead of Samsung Cloud. “Microsoft OneDrive will now support these features (which may not be supported in some countries or device models),” Samsung explained. To minimize inconvenience, we offer you a way to easily migrate existing Gallery Sync and/or Drive data to OneDrive and continue your service experience, or to download your data to mobile devices and/or PCs. Please note that if you have migrated or downloaded data, these features may stop service before the due date and your data may be deleted prematurely.”

Samsung Cloud, on the other hand, will continue to offer certain features, including backup in the cloud, sync and restore of contacts, calendars and notes. Migration to OneDrive will take place in three important phases, starting today, and users will not be able to use these features. Samsung also provides OneDrive migration and data download tools for existing users, making it easier for them to migrate.

If you choose to migrate to OneDrive, the data stored in Samsung Cloud is transferred to OneDrive. When the transfer is complete, all Samsung Cloud sync/stored library and Drive data will be deleted.

If you choose to download Samsung Cloud data, Samsung Cloud data will be irrecively removed from Samsung Cloud after you select the data download or final termination date (June 30, 2021), whichever arrives first.

Starting April 1, 2021, users in Korea will not be able to use existing Gallery Sync and Drive features and will stop OneDrive migration support. In addition, the company will cancel existing Premium Storage subscriptions and refund customers.

“As of April 1, 2021, existing Samsung Cloud services, such as Galery Sync and Drive, will be discontinued and subscriptions to paid storage services will be automatically cancelled,” Samsung said. Samsung Cloud only offers download options during the service termination and data deletion phases. Also, integrated OneDrive automatic transfer of Samsung Cloud data is not supported.”

Finally, Samsung will end its support for data downloads on June 30, 2021, when the company is prepared to withdraw the services entirely. Users who are currently uploading files in Samsung Cloud can transfer them to OneDrive or download data to their computers. However, it’s worth noting that if you choose to download files on your device, Samsung may no longer offer migration options to OneDrive.