Gmail has a new logo that looks “more Googled.”

Google is replacing its iconic Gmail envelope logo with a design that is more in line with Google’s overall style. The new Gmail logo is now an M-word made up of Google’s four-color blue, red, yellow and green brand colors, with color overlays on the stacked portion of the color block, making GMail more in line with similar logos for Google Search, Google Maps, Google Photos, Chrome and more Google products.

It has previously been reported that Google had considered giving up M-subjects entirely, or removing Gmail’s red color entirely, but those involved in the user study were not satisfied with the changes. However, the research did help Google realize that the envelope portion of the Gmail logo was not a key design element, allowing the team to try to preserve the M-shape and join Google’s traditional color system.

The new Gmail logo still feels like red, with a little yellow, and blue and green propped up the M arch, but it’s hard to tell if you put it together with Google’s other logos. Google has also revamped its calendar, documents, Meet and Sheets logos to match the new Gmail design.

The new logo is part of a broader re-release of Google’s G Suite software, which has now been renamed Google Workspace. Google is trying to merge Gmail, Chat and Docs into a central location to better compete with Microsoft Office and, in particular, Outlook email.