“Jurassic World 3” movie postponed Dinosaurs may have to sleep an more year.

Like other Hollywood films, Universal Pictures’ “Jurassic World 3: Rule” has been postponed. The summer of 2021 was extended from the original plan to June 10, 2022. Universal has also released a new poster that updates its 2022 release date. “Jurassic World 3” stopped filming in March because of the new coronavirus, but resumed work this summer. Re-engineering requires strict defenses, such as routine testing, temperature testing, and isolation of card staff.

Variety reports that Jurassic World 3 is less than a month away from killing Qing.

Warner Bros. recently announced an extension of the new Batman to 2022 and the new “Dunes” to 2021.

According to previous reports, “Jurassic World 3: Rule” will open a new chapter in the series, because dinosaurs have entered the human world, Jurassic Park has ceased to exist, the new story will take place in a larger space, dinosaurs, ancient creatures will live with humans.

It is understood that “Jurassic World” full-series actors Sam Neill, Laura Dunn, Jeff Gobley, as well as “Star” Chris Pallad and Jack Johnson and Otto Mae. Media reported that Colin Terevo will continue to write the screenplay for the film and participate as producer and director in the film production, Steven Spielberg will continue to make the film. Emily Carmichael, the screenwriter who wrote Pacific Rim: Thunder’s Resuming, will become a co-writer. At present, the storyline of the film is not yet known. However, it is understood that the story of Jurassic World 3 will be darker, and the plot will explore where the behemoths will go after the park closes. In addition, screenwriter and production director Colin Terevo revealed that this would be a horror film, the film will also have a large number of live-action special effects, the texture will be more delicate than the previous film.