Hundreds of postal ballot papers were found dumped in trash bins in New Jersey.

A New Jersey man claims to have found a 300-pound mail letter next to a dumper in New Jersey,media BGR reported. Among the envelopes, 200 blank postal ballots were found. The 2020 presidential election is a very important thing, and now that the United States is in the midst of a new crown, there is already a lot of discussion about the reliability and safety of postal voting. In general, election officials and experts seem to agree that, in most cases, postal voting is a fully viable alternative to in-person voting.

Hundreds of postal ballot papers were found dumped in trash bins in New Jersey.

A man named Howard Dinger posted photos of the discarded letters, which he said he found next to a trash can behind the bank. He said he reported the discovery to police and election officials. The U.S. Postal Service reportedly confirmed the discovery and took the letters, which were eventually delivered as planned.

It is worth noting that these ballot papers are a small part of the letters found, and they are blank. These ballots were requested by the voters, and they would not have been received if NotInger had found out.

“I personally found the letter, and I can guarantee its authenticity. Local police were called and postal police were called,” Dinger posted on Facebook. “And all the people who are angry about my post are probably postal workers who have done the same thing. That’s the only reason I can see anger at my post. So, people who have an opinion on what I send go to the lake. “

So, who threw the letters in the trash? Media speculated that it might have been stolen from a U.S. Postal Service vehicle, as postmen often left their vehicles unattended when delivering mail to the communities they served, though postal officials did not notice that trucks had been broken into or damaged.