Well-known entrepreneurs say syphilis infection in public baths experts: No

We all know that AIDS is terrible, to get basically need to fight for life. Recently, syphilis, the second-largest sexual contact disease after AIDS, has suddenly become the hottest topic on Weibo. The founder of a well-known enterprise said he “infected with syphilis in the public baths and was cured after six days of injections”.

知名企业家称在浴池洗浴感染梅毒 专家:并不会

First of all,  infected with syphilis in public bathing surprised netizens,

There are also doubts about the 6-day cure of syphilis, after all, the syphilis we know is more terrible.

Will the bath be infected with syphilis? How on earth can syphilis be cured? We are concerned about these issues of concern to netizens.

Can bathing and swimming really infect syphilis?

The syphilis helix (Treponema Pallidum, TP), also known as pale helix, is the “responsible culprit” for syphilis infection.

At present, there are about 12 million new cases of syphilis each year in the world, and the incidence of syphilis in China is on the rise.

Syphilis is infected by

1. Blood transmission and sexual contact transmission

Syphilis helix can only infect humans, blood transmission and sexual contact transmission are the main routes. More than 95 percent of those infected are infected through dangerous, unprotected sex, and syphilis infection rates among gay men have risen sharply in recent years.

2, mother-to-child transmission

Syphilis can be transmitted vertically to newborns by mothers infected with syphilis.

Syphilis helix virus infection human needs to have a certain viral load, in certain special conditions can occur, such as through sexual contact direct contact with syphilis infected people’s face or blood transmission, but also depends on the physical condition of the infected person.

Therefore, the regular use of public facilities and access to public places, such as swimming in the swimming pool, contact with toilet mats, shared tableware, clothing contact and other conditions will not be infected with syphilis.

And the water in the swimming pool usually contains bleach powder and other disinfectants, not suitable for gonorrhea, syphilis helix and other sexually transmitted diseases pathogens to survive. Therefore, go to the regular swimming pool there is no possibility of syphilis infection.

What’s the harm of syphilis?

According to the Syphilis Diagnostic Standard (WS273-2018), syphilis can be divided into phase I, PHASE II, Phase III, fetal transmission and invisible syphilis according to the different stages of syphilis infection and the difference in symptoms.

The damage to patients of phase I-III syphilis is different and can cause

1, hard underarms, groin or near-suffering lymph nodes swollen;

2, a number of parts of diffuse skin damage, resulting in the head and face and limbs to produce nodule syphilis rash;

3, the joint appears nodules;

4, skin, mouth, tongue and swallow ingested gum;

5, the production of bone syphilis, eye syphilis, cardiovascular syphilis, nerve syphilis and other visceral syphilis.

Fetal transmission: All babies born to mothers with out-of-the-way syphilis may be infected with fetal syphilis, which is divided into early fetal syphilis, late-stage syphilis and recessive syphilis according to the time of onset.

Invisible syphilis: recessive syphilis patients with no clinical symptoms and signs are still contagious, and some patients can have advanced damage.

Late stage syphilis can cause irreversible cardiovascular and central system damage, and severe cases can lead to death.

Syphilis infection of the central nervous system can occur at any stage of the disease, the longer the course of the disease, the more severe the mental symptoms.

In addition, syphilis and AIDS are often a pair of “good brothers”. About 42.8 percent of people infected with AIDS have been infected with syphilis.

Syphilis infection will cause skin damage, increase the number of CD4-plus cells in body fluids, provide more target cells for HIV infection, promote the spread of HIV, so in this sense, syphilis infection is AIDS “assistance.”

知名企业家称在浴池洗浴感染梅毒 专家:并不会

Can syphilis really be cured in 6 days?

Not necessarily!

Because of the personal physique, treatment of antibiotics and whether penicillin allergy and other issues, the treatment cycle and results will be due to people, the most important is to strictly follow the medical advice and clinical examination results.

Therefore, the time of cure is determined according to the choice of drugs and the patient’s condition, can not be simply time-to-judge!

How can I treat syphilis?

Penicillin is one of the preferred drugs to treat syphilis, inhibits cell wall production of pathogens, thereby reducing antigen reactives, and can improve cognitive function in the short term. Penicillin allergy can be treated with erythromycin.

Dosecycline is a non-penicillin, early treatment serum transfemininity rate of up to 83%-100%, the current treatment of early syphilis (syphilis helix infection slt; 2 years, phase II early syphilis) the main means.

The combination of sodium cephalosporine and penicillin was better than single drug use.

However, antibiotic treatment is only effective for patients with a normal immune system. When the patient produces syphilis serum resistance, the use of penicillin alone, whether increased dose or extended treatment time, is not effective for the patient.

After syphilis treatment, 15% to 41% of patients may form syphilis serum fixation, the use of immunomodulators to treat syphilis serum fixed patients have a certain effect, but there is controversy.

Therefore, the treatment of syphilis needs to strictly follow the doctor’s advice, in order to achieve an effective cure.

In addition, maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent unsafe sex.

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