Intel next next generation Core processor to be on the 10nm plus process: New CPU/GPU architecture

Intel issued a statement a few days ago denying rumors of the cancellation of the 10nm process desktop processor, stressing that it was still on the roadmap. According to previous leaks, the 10nm desktop version is not IceLake-S, but the more advanced Tiger Lake-S, the GPU will upgrade to the Xe architecture, and the CPU will be a completely new architecture.

Desktop processors will be upgraded to Comet Lake-S and RocketLake-S next year, but these two are still 14nm processes, TigerLake-S is for desktops, and of course the mobile version of the TigerLake-U series will debut, earlier than the desktop version. After all, this market is more power-sensitive and less demanding.

Intel下下下代酷睿处理器要上10nm+工艺 全新CPU/GPU架构

The desktop version of TigerLake is 10nm process did not run, but the question is what 10nm process it will use, Intel has long planned, 10nm node and 14nm node will have 10nm, 10nm plus 10nm plus three versions, performance will be enhanced in turn, of which 10nm plus The time on the road map for the process is 2020.

Intel下下下代酷睿处理器要上10nm+工艺 全新CPU/GPU架构

The ice Lake processor is now the first 10nm process, SunnyCove microkernel architecture, Tiger Lake confirmed as a new CPU architecture, but what exactly is not sure, it is reasonable to assume that Willow Cove, and Jim In a recent speech at the University of Berkeley, Keller mentioned that the next generation of CPU core transistors will grow significantly, putting CPU performance back on track for linear growth.

Intel下下下代酷睿处理器要上10nm+工艺 全新CPU/GPU架构

Having said that, what’s the point? That’s the latest leak that says the TigerLake desktop version will use a 10nm plus process, the CPU architecture WillowCove transistor will be scaled up, the cache system will change more, and the performance improvement will be greater than SunnyCove’s average 18% IPC performance.

All in all, Tiger Lake-S is not expected to go public until 2021, which is the biggest problem.

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