The Windows 10 version upgrade experience can be significantly improved with new improvements.

Microsoft is aware of the fact that it often warns users of specific Windows 10 errors and compatibility issues in support documentation or community forums, but there is room for improvement. After the May 2020 update (2004), Microsoft highlighted at least 10 known issues in its release notes, and the updated list provides more information about blocking model upgrades in the specified state.

In 2018, Microsoft said Windows 10 updates were often blocked due to different Versions of Windows and Applications, multiple drivers and hardware configurations. With the introduction of two Windows 10 feature updates a year, Microsoft is applying upgrade blocking more frequently. Microsoft has also changed the way Windows 10 drivers are approved and started blocking devices with incompatible drivers from getting feature upgrades.

In 2020, Microsoft frequently blocks devices from receiving feature updates, much to the chastity of many users who want to upgrade their operating systems, and the whole experience would be better if Microsoft could explicitly tell users that uninstalling specific applications or removing drivers would make it possible to update.

Microsoft has promised to make Windows 10 feature updates more transparent, and is currently considering updating windows update pages internally to get more information when users see messages that the upgrade is blocked.

Windows 10 will conduct more automated testing of different hardware and driver combinations based on artificial intelligence, and Microsoft will first identify potential problems before introducing feature updates. When a problem is discovered, specific, actionable information is provided to the user where possible, letting them know why their device is blocked from receiving feature updates. For example, if a user is using an older NVIDIA or Intel driver, they will see a notification that contains that specific information.

But for now, if you have a driver problem, Windows Update will tell you that your device is not ready and does not have any specific or actionable information.

If this idea becomes a reality, the Windows Update experience will finally get better on Windows 10, at least not when users really want to install feature updates.

The Windows 10 version upgrade experience can be significantly improved with new improvements.