Xbox executives call $70 next-generation games “exceptional” and Microsoft’s approach “fan-centric”

According tomedia Wccftech reported that the next generation of game consoles will soon bring players a better picture, a bigger world … and higher prices. Some publishers have reportedly opted for next-generation game price increases, with games such as NBA 2K21, Call of Duty: Black War and Demon Soul all costing $70. Sony’s promise of higher prices is a big problem and is likely to push most industries in that direction, but what about its rival, Microsoft? They have remained silent on this issue.

Aaron Greenberg, Xbox’s marketing director, recently appeared on Real Deal Podcast and hinted that they might not be able to take the $70 price. Or, at the very least, they’ll take a “fan-centric” approach, determining the price of the game on a case-by-case basis.

I think the whole industry you’re seeing, with a few notable exceptions — the standard version of Assassin’s Creed: The Temple of Spirits is $60, while the standard version of “Sebopunk” and “Dust 5” I don’t see. There are some exceptions to the title that you’ve seen, especially for sports games, that they’re launched before the next generation because they don’t have Smart Delivery, they include the 9th generation version and charge you more. So it’s a bit complicated.

It’s a different approach and they obviously have the right to do whatever they want with their products and pricing, but for us we’ve really taken a fan-centric approach (pricing). I’d like to say, first of all, smart distribution, but most importantly, you’ll get all our games at Game Pass when it’s launched, so if it’s included in your Game Pass subscription, is the price of the game more important?

At the launch of the Xbox series X/S, Microsoft’s only major exclusive game will be Gears Tactics, which will only be $60, a portable version of a game from six months ago. Will Microsoft charge $60 for games like Halo Infinity? We’ll see. Of course, as Greenberg points out, the real focus of their next generation is Xbox Game Pass, so pricing for next-generation games can be meaningless to them.