Leakers say the launch of AirPods Studio could be delayed until November.

Apple’s manufacturing partners will have the first “AirPods Studio” headsets ready by the end of October, according to the latest news from leaker Jon Prosser, according tomedia source Apple Insider. The leaker, who is keen to predict Apple’s future product launch, quoted an anonymous source as saying that production of the rumoured high-end headphones would be “completed” by October 20.

Leakers say the launch of AirPods Studio could be delayed until November.

“Production of AirPods Studio will not be completed until October 20,” Prosser tweeted, quoting a person said to be familiar with Apple’s plans. “I think they can still announce it at the October 13 event and ship it at the end of this month or early next month.”

It’s unclear what the manufacturing schedule the sources are referring to, because mass production of Apple products and consumer products in general will never really be completed until the device is no longer on sale. Although not specific, it is assumed that the person is talking about the first batch of devices that Apple stockpiles before the public release.

Leakers say the launch of AirPods Studio could be delayed until November.

Prosser noted that the AirPod Studio is likely to debut at next week’s special event, where Apple is expected to unveil a range of new iPhone models, including the next generation of iPhone 12 phones. The tech giant announced the virtual press conference, known as Hi, Speed, on Tuesday.

As Prosser points out, Apple has other options. “It is also possible to issue a press release at the end of this month,” Prosser said in a follow-up tweet. Or push it to the November event. Personally, I don’t know which way they’re going to decide. “

The company has said it will soon expand its lineup of audio devices. Earlier this week, it was reported that Apple’s online Apple Store and Apple Store stores had completely removed third-party headsets and smart speakers. Apple sometimes pulls products that might compete with new and upcoming products. In 2014, for example, the company stopped selling Fitbit wearables after the Apple Watch was released.

Apple is rumoured to be releasing a new batch of audio devices in the coming months. A so-called “AirPods Studio” headset is expected to feature noise-cancelling technology, a positional awareness via the U1 chip, and high-quality sound reproduction. Leaked images of the “sport” device were released in September, showing a stylish look and the extensive application of ergonomic mesh materials.