Martin: Game of Thrones’ changes to Dragon Mom’s wedding night have made a mess of it.

A new book on the behind-the-scenes story of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has sparked a new wave that includes former “Game of Thrones” author George W. Bush, according tomedia reports. R. R. Martin’s displeasure with the wedding night of “Dragon Moms” Daenerys and “King of Horses” Dzhugokao.

Martin: Game of Thrones' changes to Dragon Mom's wedding night have made a mess of it.

“Why did the wedding scene go from a wishful seduction scene to a brutal rape of Emilia Clarke (played by a dragon mother)?” Martin asked James Hibberd, author of Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon, “We’ve never discussed this.” It’s only going to make things worse, not better. “

In the play, Zogo (Jason Moma) wipes away tears from Dany’s face and undresses her as she weeps. In the book, Zogo allows Dany to unziw his hair and give her a massage before asking her permission.

The screenwriter explains that the original scene is not suitable for the play, because if so arranged, it would make Zogo’s attack on Dany too out of line with the previous plot.

Weiss, one of the show’s producers, added: “In the second episode, she had to go back to a less wishful, rougher relationship. It’s possible in the book, but we don’t have that much time to understand the character’s ideas. It doesn’t turn too fast. “

This isn’t Martin’s first complaint about the show’s first season, after he said he didn’t agree with Robert Berahien’s hunting scene, which was the result of a budget shortfall at the time.