Netflix has been accused in Texas of promoting and airing “Cuties.”

According tomedia reports, the Sundance Film Festival award-winning film “Cuties” since its first broadcast on Netflix, the controversy continues. Some even boldly call it “soft child pornography”, while others think it will at least make children pornographic. Others see it as an art, a social commentary against the sexualization of children. Now, Netflix is facing charges in Texas for promoting and broadcasting the film.

A grand jury in Texas has indicted Netflix on child pornography-related charges. At issue is the controversial film Cuties. Specifically, the streaming giant is accused of violating the rules of Promotion Of Lewd Visual Material Depicting A Child, a law passed in Texas in 2018 that promotes indecent visual material depicting children.

Texas Rep. Matt Schaefer posted the first page of the application on Twitter early Wednesday local time.

The film, banned in Turkey, tells the story of a group of teenage girls in a dance troupe. In some scenes, the girls dance in a sexually provocative manner. Many groups have spoken out against the content and marketing materials. Netflix has previously apologised for the “sexy” image of the girl in the ad – and it can be seen that the posters it produced were more provocative than the original posters.

A Netflix spokesman said: “Cuties is a social commentary against the sexualization of children. This accusation is unfounded and we support the film. “

Netflix co-CEOs Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos are listed as defendants in the indictment, Deadline reported. The company plans to contest the charges and refute the grand jury’s claim that the award-winning film does not constitute art.