Microsoft: Future players won’t have to download games to get ahead of the xCloud experience.

Microsoft is looking into getting the xCloud service into the PC and Xbox platforms through its game pass business. Xbox boss Phil Spencer tweeted in response to a question from players about whether the cloud gaming service would allow Xbox Game Pass subscribers to experience the game without downloading it.

Spencer simply replied, “Yes, we want to do this.” This is one of a series of powerful features that the xCloud team is working on, but in a slightly lower order. We want PC players to be able to browse the game as quickly as Mobile game players, which is also a great feature for game passes. “

xCloud was released in September and Microsoft is in talks with Apple to get the service to the Apple App Store as part of the ultimate xbox game pass on Android phones and tablets. However, the service has not yet landed on PC and Xbox consoles.

The timetable for the xCloud service to log on to the PC and Xbox is unclear. In March,media reported that Microsoft had begun testing the PC version of xCloud. The preview version lets players stream Xbox games to their PCs via the Xbox Game Streaming app in the Microsoft App Store.

Microsoft: Future players won't have to download games to get ahead of the xCloud experience.