Thanks to iPhone 11 Apple’s market value returns to number one

It’s been a month and a half since Apple’s fall launch… But the news about iPhone 11 sales is endless. Apple’s latest update, according to an investor report from financial services firm Cowen, said apples would exceed expectations in the fourth quarter of 2019 and generate $90 billion in revenue during the holiday shopping season — $3.1 billion more than previously expected, according to Apple Insider. It also set a new record.

iPhone 11 苹果市值重返第一的功臣

This is largely due to the huge demand for the new iPhone, mainly the iPhone 11, and the growing business of Apple’s services business.

The investor report also reads:

According to third-party data, Apple’s recent price cuts to the iPhone XR model and the launch of the new iPhone 11 series have led to increased consumer demand for the iPhone, and initiatives such as the iPhone discount plan zero down payment may also play an important role… Apple’s revenue growth in China is likely to return to normal and likely to show a seasonal rise;

Cowen expects shipments of the Q4 iPhone to reach 69 million units in 2019, slightly higher than the previous estimate of 63 million units. And the iPhone 11 series will be the main model.

Win-win sales and share price

In fact, Cowen’s bullish view of the iPhone 11 is not a hollow wind.

IPhone sales in the U.S. and India are reported to be higher in the U.S. and India than in the same period last year, and the same is true in China, where sales of the iPhone 11 on the first day of pre-sale are up 335 percent from the iPhone XR, up 335 percent from the iPhone XR, up from a year earlier in Beijing 480%。

And, within a dozen days of its launch, the iPhone 11 was the king of Catcat’s september phone sales. According to’s self-owned flagship in September sales data, the iPhone 11 came first with about 383,000 units, twice as many as the second-place iPhone XR, compared with a flat performance in the expensive Pro Series. The Tmall platform, the iPhone 11, also tops sales, but did not disclose the exact number.

iPhone 11 苹果市值重返第一的功臣

By October 1st, it was reported that Apple had increased its order for the iPhone 11, which, according to foreign media Nikkei Asia Review, asked suppliers to increase production by about 10 percent, meaning the iPhone 11 would increase production by 8 million units.

The release of the three new machines, along with the strong performance of the iPhone 11, has also helped Apple’s share price “high” and once set history.

Apple’s shares closed the day at $223.59, up 2 percent, at the september 11 launch of the iPhone 11 series and a number of new products at its autumn launch; Apple closed up more than 2 percent at $236.21, its highest market capitalisation since going public, while it overtook Microsoft to return to the top of the world market.

“Low price” to save Apple?

There are a lot of factors behind the iPhone 11 boom. Many iPhone 6 and 7 Series users, for example, have entered the switching cycle;

Another factor that cannot be ignored is the price cut in the iPhone 11 series, which ended the year-on-year rise in the iPhone 11, which is even more evident on the iPhone 11, which has the iPhone 11 in the industry compared to the iPhone XR released last year. The number one-of-a-year CPU also has an ultra-wide-angle camera, which has also been upgraded to a price of 1,000 yuan less than the former. The move has been interpreted as a sign of goodwill towards the Chinese market, and the price-effective iPhone 11 has made the iPhone 11 the best choice for many consumers.

iPhone 11 苹果市值重返第一的功臣

Above, the A13 chip in the iPhone 11 Series

The iPhone has also changed this year, according to Yiyi Wu, a senior analyst at Market Research Group Strategy Analytics, which has given up on the iPhone 11, which has left the iPhone 11 to be a “cheap” phone, in part to inspire consumers to consider it “cheap. their enthusiasm for buying.


By any measure, the iPhone 11 does a good job of fulfilling the “mission” Apple has given it; however, it is important to note that, as a rule, after the fall launch of previous years, iPhone sales will grow faster in a short period of time, and by November the trend of rapid growth is likely to slow.

And, as 5G is about to hit the ground, many manufacturers have launched the 5G phone market, and the iPhone 11 Series’ lack of 5G will more or less affect its long-term sales. So it remains to be seen whether the new iPhone model will be able to translate into steady growth in shipments.

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