Huang Renxun: I believe NVIDIA’s acquisition of ARM will be approved by regulators around the world.

This week, ARM hosted the DevSummit Developer Summit online. At the meeting, NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun, ARM CEO Simon Segars and so on gathered together for a “fireside conversation”. In the exchange, Mr Huang expressed confidence that NVIDIA’s $40bn acquisition of ARM would be approved by regulators around the world. ‘Once we explain the reasons for the deal and our vision for the future, the world will find that the two companies are complementary and beneficial to our customers, ‘ Mr. Huang said.

Here’s why, explains Huang Renxun, the world’s leading AI computing company, along with the world’s most popular CPU architecture, will extend the boundaries of AI.

Huang also stressed that they like ARM’s business model, which will continue and protect ARM’s business model. He also reiterated that ARM’s GPU (Mali product line) and NPU (Ethos) would not be affected by the NVIDIA acquisition.

Simon Segars is also bullish on NVIDIA’s acquisition of ARM, which will be in the hands of those working to create something cooler, but admits it will take time to gain regulatory approval.

Earlier reports had predicted that regulators in arm’s home country of the UK and China could be an obstacle to NVIDIA’s merger with ARM.

Huang Renxun: I believe NVIDIA's acquisition of ARM will be approved by regulators around the world.