Apple submitted the “iPhone for Life” trademark or used for the new iPhone upgrade service.

Apple submitted its “iPhone for Life” trademark in April 2020 in Hong Kong, China, which could be used for upgrades to the new iPhone,media source Patently Apple reported. Apple does not currently use the trademark in the U.S. market, but it has been used in other countries, mainly carriers and Apple stores.

So does this trademark mean Apple is experimenting with a new iPhone service? Media disagree, arguing that Apple’s existing “iPhone Upgrade Program” should be the same. Media speculated that Apple might use the new name to rename it, or that it could be used by Apple’s partners to make a distinction with the authorities.

The trademark number applied by Apple in Hong Kong, China, is 305380876 and is classified under Class 35 and 36. The description of Class 35 is as follows:

Retail store services and retail store services provided through the communications network, including handheld mobile digital electronics and other consumer electronics, computer software, accessories, peripherals and suitcases of the above-mentioned devices and pre-recorded music;

Class 36 is described below.

Financial Services; Financing Services; Banking Services; Loan Financing; Extended Retail Credit; Installment Loans; Rental Purchase Financing; Debit and Credit Card Services; Credit Card Issues; Payment Services; Financial Transaction Services; Electronic Payment Processing Services for Identification and Certification Using Biometric Technology; Financial Services, i.e. Acceptance, Processing, Certification, Management and Review of Electronic Payment and Electronic Payment Transactions; Insurance and Warranty Services; Providing and Underwriting Warranty and Extended Warranty Contracts; Gift and Prepaid Cards. Offering discounts to other participating institutions through the use of loyalty cards, cash and other discounts for credit card use as part of the Customer Loyalty Program, charitable fund-raising services, financial advisory services, financial advisory and advisory services, provincial search for financial information about stocks, and provision of information in the investment and financial sectors.