Microsoft is building a price-to-price engine for Edge browsers.

After a full-scale shift to the Chromium engine, Microsoft is still trying to introduce distinctive features to the new Edge browser to differentiate it from the competition. As the holiday shopping season approaches, the company has just announced that one of the new features, the Price Engine, will soon be available as part of the Collections bookmarking service.

Microsoft is building a price-to-price engine for Edge browsers.

Microsoft Edge’s Collections service also integrates with Pinterest and provides new tools for web screenshots and improved PDF documentation support.

It’s worth noting that Edge has also updated the Teleparty extension for streaming TV shows so that users can chat and discuss in the browser’s sidebar while watching in sync with their friends.

For video conferencing, Edge integrates Microsoft’s own Meet Now service to initiate free video conferencing with friends and family or colleagues directly from your browser.

The service supports up to 50 people online at the same time and can share screens and record sessions. After landing microsoft Edge, it will also be landing on Web Outlook and Windows 10 taskbars in the coming weeks.

Microsoft is building a price-to-price engine for Edge browsers.

Need to focus on the new features, obviously can not be separated from everyone’s favorite price plug-in. Divya Kumar, Microsoft’s director of product management, says it’s been talking about the good features of Collections.

As a browser search-price extension, Microsoft hopes it will become smarter with Bing’s search engine to provide users with the data they need.

Microsoft Edge can recommend prices to users as long as they realize that they are accessing product sites that are already included in Collections, such as e-commerce such as Amazon or Best Buy.

Microsoft is building a price-to-price engine for Edge browsers.

The next logical step, apparently, is to send a notification to the user in the event of a price change. Divya Kumar revealed that new improvements are on the roadmap and that the team is working on several other new experiences.

Interestingly, the Edge team also plans to roll out Bing Rebates from the Beta version, provided you’re a Registered Microsoft Rewards member.

Despite a similar project not long ago, consumers are expected to receive small rewards from companies such as Wal-Mart, Expedia, Walgreens, and Nvidia (e.g., 0.5% of Nvidia).