Europe’s NCAP-assisted driving test produced BBA’s best Passat score higher than Tesla’s.

Unlike domestic C-NCAP, the E-NCAP test in Europe has been one of the most stringent automotive safety tests in Europe, with high levels of trust among European car owners and a good rating. This year, Europe’s NCAP introduced a new project, assisted driving ratings, to test the safety of new cars’ assisted driving systems on motorways.

There are two main aspects: auxiliary capability (based on the balance between driver participation and vehicle assistance) and safety backup.

On October 1st Euro NCAP released the assisted driving rating for ten models, which overall had the highest assisted driving rating from the BPA, representing the first camp for the safety performance of assisted driving.

Specifically, the Mercedes-Benz GLE model, with a total score of 87.3, has the highest ranking, with a rating of Very Good (very good), followed by BMW 3 Series and Audi Q8 with 85.4 and 80.5 points respectively.

Europe's NCAP-assisted driving test produced BBA's best Passat score higher than Tesla's.

This also represents the BPA model, which makes a good trade-off between safety and performance in terms of assisted driving.

Surprisingly, however, Tesla, which is famous for its auto-assisted driving, has an unspeakable overall rating.

The Model 3 has a rating of just 59.9, modelate (general) and overall, and lags far behind traditional fuel models such as Volkswagen Passat.

The same “surprise” as the Tesla Model 3 was the Volvo V60, which scored 63.5 points overall, also lagging far behind the Volkswagen Passat model and with an average overall rating.

And for Volvo, which is known as the “safest car in the world”, such a result is not pleasant to take out.

However, some unusual things can be seen from Euro NCAP’s rating criteria.

Take Model 3’s evaluation as an example, its human-machine cooperation, driver monitoring, vision, hearing, tactile express driving status, consumer information, these drivers involved in the project, the general score is not high, or even zero points, which also gave Model 3’s overall rating, has brought no small negative impact.

In the more important areas of ACC adaptive cruise, steering assistance, emergency collision avoidance, system failure, etc., the Tesla Model 3 is a full score through.

Europe's NCAP-assisted driving test produced BBA's best Passat score higher than Tesla's.

Therefore, for such a rating test, consumer friends can only be rational, because it contains a number of items, other factors.

In real assisted driving applications, the real results may also be very different from 8th results in the E-NCAP rating test.